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Hi Wayne and Rui,
I really apologize for my recent (and less recent) slowness with qmidiarp, didn't have much time lately as you both figured...Anyway thanks for insisting with patience. The problem seems to be related to the transport not syncing correctly in the non-realtime situation (which it was never made for initially). But it maybe also because calculation of the arpeggiation is not done within one single jack period (which is also the reason it fails to play the first note when the input data is simultaneous with transport start). Also when jack transport (host sync) is used, timing is taken from transport (lv2 atoms), and it is sensitive to running or stopped transport info there. So if qtractor provides that also during freewheel mode (which I don't know much about after all) then I need to check for (small or large) errors in the "host timing to frame" calculation. Any help is more than welcome of course, can we exchange by email, Rui? I'm also interested in the crashes you see both of course.

All the best