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i am sorry to delude you

you should know that qsynth and qsampler are just front-ends to some other software engines, namely and, respectively. which anyway are implementations of synth/sampler instrument file formats (.sf2, .gig, .sfz). iow, both are implementations of some certain but common standard specification.

i must tell you now that neither fluidsynth and linuxsampler are, or are supposed to be, like yoshimi or its direct relative, zynsubaddfx.

whether an instrument specification recognizes CC2 (or not) is beyond what qsynth or qsampler can do, ever. instead, it is in fact a feature (or not) to each sampler instrument specification and/or implementation, meaning that a sampler engine might implement this or that operator, modulator or controller, whatever.

i guess all this is plain BS for you, i know.

anyhow, the request you're asking should be otherwise posed onto those back-ends instead, fluidsynth and linuxsampler, and i'm afraid not really adequate around here. sorry.