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re. 1.) Yes, since v0.8.2, there's this unique track name enforcement by means of a numerical suffix auto-increment. And no, that is not supposed to occur when you switch banks or programs over a MIDI track, only whan you change track names, any track name. Are you sure is that what you really see?
[UPDATE:] Indeed you're dang right: track-names were being auto-incremented whenever one modifies any other track field or property. fixed now on git head. thanks.

re. 2.) That's quite strange or probably you're not telling the whole story... I've just tried to create a new clip on a new MIDI track and the piano-roll resizes both ways in height and width. Same with a new other MIDI clip thjat I throw in via importing from any SMF.

re. 3.) That really made me laugh. Hope that's only good humor. If not, I really don't know where that comes from--probably some graphics system glitch, but definitely it's not a hard-coded feature nor even an easter-egg that I know about, sorry ;)

cheers && thanks

ps. may I ask why you're still on qt4 ? you know latest Qt5.9 is on LTS status, do you?