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re. the difference between using ALSA-MIDI and JACK-MIDI? I thought they were basically "interchangable.

not quite or better said, there's a catch:

JACK-MIDI system builds on top of the ALSA-MIDI system so that, when dealing with external MIDI equipment to drive a terminal MIDI soft-instrument like padthv1_jack, the ALSA-MIDI interface is one direct shunt, while the JACK-MIDI will have to go through and over an extra conversion bridge eg. a2j(midid); maybe a picture is worth a thousand words:

                (MIDI/USB cable)
                       |                                 .-------.    .------------------.
 .----------------.    |    .----------------.      .--->|  a2j  |---->in  JACK-MIDI  etc.
 |     MIDI       |    V    |      ALSA      |     /     '-------'    '------------------'
 |   keyboard  out>--------->in    MIDI   out>----<
 |  (external)    |         |    (system)    |     \                  .------------------.
 '----------------'         '----------------'      `----------------->in  ALSA-MIDI  etc.

re. Feature request: legato mode when monophonic, and velocity sensitivity for the filter?

while on the other V1's that share almost the same synth engine architecture, I've been thinking on implementing the legato mode over the years but unfortunately didn't come with anything pretty or kin to my liking--all are supposed to be polyphonic instruments to start with, though the current mono(phonic) mode was quite an indulgence i've made some years ago: it only does lousy *staccato* mode for the time being:)

[UPDATE:] - Mono(phonic) "Legato" mode option is now being introduced on git head master to synthv1, samplv1 and padthv1, as time of this writing; the old single "Mono" switch is now replaced by a fake-LED radio-button list: 1) "Poly" meaning normal polyphonic mode or old Mono=Off; 2) "Mono" which stands the same as old Mono=On; and finally 3) "Legato" as the special new Mono mode ;)

i'll try and keep thinking on this and on the DCF Velocity sensitivity as well, maybe for X-mas :)

stay tuned