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maybe i have been calling it a wrong name :/

the current legato mode--which now applies to all said polyphonic v1's, not only padthv1--makes it as re-triggering or reset to the Attack stage for all EG's.

that second legato mode would make it to the Sustain stage, right? Ok, that's of course feasible... but, keeping the so called old "Mono" mode as it ever was (before and still is), what should we call this new second (legato) mode? smooth legato?

i'm sure you musicians/performers/synthesists do know better and more ;)

[EDIT:] well, i now reckon i've been a dang moron on this whole mono(phonic) mode subject: even in Wikipedia > Legato > Synthesizers section it says it all... yep, that old V1 "Mono" mode is facing the edge of extinction... better now than never ;)

[EDIT2:] and there it goes:- Mono re-triggers (resets) into Attack stage and Legato now fastens into the Sustain stage... all in git head now. OK., it's not perfect, specially on the samplv1 front, where the new "Mono" re-triggering mode should really mean it ;)

[EDIT3:] samplv1 old Mono vs. new Legato mode now fixed.