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nope, not in the same page it seems: latest on git head master at the time of this writing should be
(see also snapshots, or else, get a chance to play with padthv1-latest-x86_64.AppImage (64bit) or padthv1-latest-i686.AppImage (32bit) -- of course, these are about the jack-standalone's only.

Brian, one note is probably worth telling ya: whether it says like a "bug" or a "performance feature" is maybe a dang joke, kinda self-inflicting sarcasm. You probably do know that too dang well: if you--as a musician, keyboardist, whatever, find that just a little bit annoying, no matter how much then, it's a bug, otherwise it's a feature. Beware of that, once the latter is acknowledged, it will stay there as is, forever and more...

hope you know what i'm talking about :)