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hi, you're welcome
you may indeed use linuxsampler as a plugin in qtractor to load a sfz. however, due to special sub-system architecture, the way you deal with linuxsampler is , yes, very special and a lot bizarre than you might ever saw anywhere before.
let's put it simple as much i can:
1) add a midi track in qtractor and add a linuxsampler-lv2 plugin instance into to it;
2) after that, fire up qsampler and check the sampler channel strip as being set as "plugin" for both audio and midi devices;
3) then set qsampler sampler channel engine to "SFZ" and then load the .sfz instrument file from there; your're done in qsampler, you can quit by now;
4) back on qtractor you have now the linuxsampler lv2 plugin instance fully loaded and ready.
ps. on the other topic re. playing videos on websites, that's one hell of an old curse that would be way too long to deal or explain on one reply. qtractor uses jack as its audio (pcm) infrastructure, and the jack sub-system takes exclusive use of your audio/sound device for granted. what you probably wish to master is about how to control and configure the jack-audio-connection-kit on its full potential and probably it's coexistence with pulseaudio as your regular audio system for all other consumer things, not designated to creative audio and/or music production. hell yes, a dang long story :) but still, if you're still interested that is, i (we) may help, nevertheless