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does the udp address in qmidinet need to match that of the pc it is running on?

does the udp port need to match on the two pc's?

always use the given default udp/ip-address and port; if you messed around with any of those you can always hit "Reset" on both ends; if you really don't know what you' re doing, just because you're not supposed to be a udp/ip freak, please don't mess with those options yet.

but you should know that udp/ip multicast only works _inside_ your local network segment; in other words, it should work over switches but never ever over any kind of routers or bridges, whatever. so, forget on ever trying it over a WAN (aka internet).

the way it goes, goes like this:

midi-app@pc1 <-> qmidinet@pc1 <-> ( LAN ) <-> qmidinet@pc2 <-> midi-app@pc2

of course you must have to connect your midi-app's to/from qmidinet on either end--please use your preferred connection utility (eg. qjackctl, cadence, aconnect, jack_connect, patchage, etc.)
nb. LAN maybe a wired and/or/mixed wireless LAN.