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is there any software you can recommend that generates PC commands?

let's stop for a while and think about it: MIDI PC (Program change) are NOT desirable here in the first place; MIDI bank_select(MSB+LSB)+PC are regarded as special commands to switch real instrument patches; the whole command is comprised by 3 (three) MIDI messages, two MIDI CC (#0 for MSB, #32 for LSB) and another for PC# whatever; being this a special composite sequence, it is NOT advisable to use it to custom assign as menu shortcuts or even as track and plugin parameter for automation.

please: make those knobs or buttons or switches to either NOT send none of MIDI CC#0/32 (MSB/LSB) and just the PC# only (ie. no bank selection) or else, make then send a single and genuine MIDI Controller event, other than CC#0 and CC#32 that is; you can have it send any CC# 7bit (but not 0 nor 32), and/or the extremely exquisite RPN, NRPN 14bit hi-res compositions:))... i believe i've made this kind suggestion before, but one never knows how or whether its being understood :)

it all boils down to this, perhaps in the end of (your) day: MIDI PC# are not suitable to work as a MIDI controller message onto some qtractor subject target; please use a single MIDI CC# whenever and if you can.