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shortcuts e.g. for the record button or metronome can be learned, but do not trigger the action when pressed

Well, although PC messages may now work the former recommendation still applies: PC are still not suitable for shortcuts, more importantly for toggling (on/off) subjects (eg. Transport/Record, Metronome, etc.): as of the last change, the encoded value is always 0 (zero) and for toggling you need at least to swing the value from 0 to 127 to trigger it--always having zero value may only trigger in odd alternate occurrences if any at all.

Again, thanks for your testing and return to tell your story ;)


ps. have you noticed that all common Transport actions (Play, Stop, Record, Rewind, FFwd, etc.) are hard-wired to MMC commands? so you won't need to make any custom shortcuts for them; if your MIDI controller surface has any configuration preset that maps as MMC commands then try it and just plug-and-play :)