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QjackCtl 0.2.22 released!

Long overdue but better late than never: QjackCtl, the good old Qt GUI interface to JACK Audio Connection Kit is back on a new latest dot release.

As read from the changelog:

- Fixed default settings for the freebob backend (JACK >= 0.103.0).
- CPU Load status label now says correctly DSP Load.
- The most recently used patchbay definitions can now be correctly selected in round-robin fashion from its drop-down list widget.
- Avoid mixing JACK MIDI ports with regular audio ports on the Connections and Patchbay widgets; strictly list only audio ports.
- Added 192k sample rate to setup settings drop down list (as kindly reminded by Klaus Zimmermann, thanks).
- Most top-level widgets were missing the normal-widget flag, which were causing some sticky size behavior on some window managers.