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when you hit "Play" on qmidictl it sends a MMC PLAY command message (by default; in the form of a SysEx message) into the ethernet (aired or wired), which is or should get caught by qmidinet somewhere on your local network; qmidinet in turn is responsible to translate and mirror the raw MIDI command into ALSA-MIDI and/or JACK-MIDI on the receiving machine where qmidinet is up and listening (ie. running).

now, to get this MMC PLAY command realized (or executed if you prefer); you need to connect the precise qmidinet port to some application that do understand and reacts to MMC as accordingly--Qtractor and Ardour are probably the few that I believe does it OOTB. YMMV :)

I still fail to understand why and what qjackctl has to do here, besides helping you connecting the ports from qmidinet to qtractor or ardour, as usual.