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Which versions (qjackctl -v; jackd --version) ?

Let me tell you that JACK D-BUS support in QjackCtl is way way far from any perfect condition: it was introduced like 8+ years ago (v0.3.6) and IMNSHO it was a move that I find myself regreting whenever some poor soul like you gets into this kind of trouble... :)

One first thing to note is that the "server prefix" setting is just meaningless when QjackCtl starts the JACK server through D-BUS. So please don't bother to change that from the plain old classic "jackd". You're also warned to not touch the "Advanced" settings tab unless you know what you're really doing, do you? :)

OTOH. If you really want to stick with jackdbus, maybe you are better off using kxstudio's Cadence rather than QjackCtl... OR the lean and mean command line via jack_control facility. On either case you can always use all the QjackCtl legacy and amenities, just not to start/stop the JACK server ;)