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Thanks as ever for your work on the Q stuff. I'm just about to update the wiki but would like to check the below first whenever you have time.

Audio clip time-stretching and pitch-shifting limits are now 10-fold in either direction

It seems the maximum you can input is 1000% (10-fold) so that looks fine, but for the minimum you can input down to 1% (100-fold), so this looks incorrect. Should the input be restricted to 10% minimum? However, even if you input 1% the file still sounds the same as 10%, so this looks like a minor bug.

FYI, inputting less than 1% has produced some weird effects, e.g.

- 0.9%: sometimes snaps to 100% (which I assume is correct?), but sometimes snaps to 90%, 10% or 1% (which I assume is wrong)
- 0.1%: sometimes snaps to 100% (correct?), sometimes 1% (wrong?)

I have no idea why the figures change. Perhaps it's the result of a series of operations or something? In any case, if the input is restricted to 10% minimum I suppose it won't matter.

The limits seem to be +/- 40 semitones. Just to check - is this the desired range? If so, I'll include this info in the wiki as I think semitones will be a useful reference.