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thanks yuba

re. Time-stretching
as you might know audio clip time-stretching is given in percentage, being 100% (x1.0) for the original non-stretched signal; the actual minimum value now is 10% (x0.1) and the maximum is 1000% (x10) thus the "10-fold" saying in the change-log.

however you're of course right, the minimum input value on the audio clip properties dialog is indeed 1% (x0.01) and not the actual 10% (x0.1). So yes, this is a bug in the input spin-box minimum value on the dialog box: all values entered below 9.9% will be clamped to 10% internally even though the spin-box widget display says otherwise--yes, it's a UI bug, but the 10-fold rule prevails, nevertheless.

re. Pitch-shifting
yes, -/+40 semitones is the new range: it's an approximation to a 10-fold change which would be like -/+39.8 if you consider the 12-tone/octave logarithmic scale.


ps. fixed on git head master already (>=