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Thanx for your response... To answer your questions:

Ok, I understand why some items are greyed out because of jack d-bus, thanx for clarifying. I do have other apps that place items in the system tray, and QjackCTL will place itself in the system tray after I start it a second time. why not the first? Also, when starting QjackCtl 0.5.5 the first time it starts the jack server even though that option is unchecked. When I close QjackCtl and relaunch it a second time Jack is not started, so this seems like an inconsistent issue.

Q: Is wayland installed?
A: Yes, it's installed as a dependency of GTK3. I am using XFCE wth Xorg by default. not sure I know how to invoke wayland.

Q: Have you removed QjackCtl.conf?
A: Yes

Q: Am I building QjackCtl from source?
A: No, I'm installing from the Arch repo with pacman -S qjackctl

thank you for your help!