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as said earlier for option 2)- the MIDI output bus your tracks belong to; however you can also mute the tracks that you don't wish to be exported/merged into the SMF (.mid).

also note that a SMF (Standard MIDI File; *.mid) Format 1 file contents is organized in one to several so called tracks (MTrk headers) but these are not necessarily the same as MIDI tracks you have in the qtractor timeline; for that matter, the first track (Track 0; MTrk #0) is a place holder for whole sequence meta-data (eg. tempo, time-signature, markers, lyrics, etc.) and all the remaining MTrk's (Track 1, 2, etc.) then each hold the actual and respective MIDI channel data, again not necessarily equating channel with track numbers, eg. each MTrk/track holds for one and only merged MIDI channel -- this is a conventional organization scheme that Qtractor follows since ever, based on GM recommendations and formerly followed by old Roland's GS and Yamaha's XG standards.