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This was working great!...... but then

Something has gone wrong since I have been implementing this?

I have been doing exactly as you have said for about a month now. 1. 2. 3.,

But now for some reason while doing that in a new project everything keeps reverting.

I am using Arch Linux and am on 0.9.9, and it looks like you added a feature recently:

"Fixed editing and display of 'Pgm Change' events on the MIDI clip editor (aka. piano-roll)."

I wonder if I'm doing something that is wrong?

In my description of 1.2.3.

1. I double click a track, 'pgm change' is usually already selected as I do this for multiple tracks at once
2. click in the lower pane and ctrl-a (and look for the X to go red on the delete button in the toolbar, it will not go red if all pgm changes are already deleted)
3. hit delete (the red X on the delete button in the toobar fades)

save, then re-open and double click a recently modified track, if I then click in the lower pane and ctrl-a, X goes red, and indeed song wil start and all zynaddsubfx tracks go wonky. Any reason why pgm changes are haunting me now? This was working great, and I am entirely uncertain at what point things changed. It is entirely possible that it was working in the previous version and I upgraded and it broke?

Possible feature request: Can I just have a button that makes certain track/bus ignore pgm changes? I think this would be best on bus, and might already be possible with plugins.

Thanks for your fantastic linux audio applications!