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hi thot,

one couple of questions:

do you have any instrument, bank and/or program selected on the MIDI track's properties?

and is the "Pgm Change" event the very first in the sequence? check that out by looking at the (menu View >) Event List; you can also see whether the "Pgm Change" event items are there anytime, no need to go into the bottom pane and Ctrl+A to select them all.

if yes to the first question please check whether the "Pgm Change" event that gets reappearing is exactly the one you have on track's properties--to let you know, that is always saved to the underlying SMF (MIDI file) at its head (time=zero), and of course will appear on the MIDI clip editor including the event list; so it seems it's all working as ever been ;)

[UPDATE:] on git head master (qtractor >= some things are getting a little more strict on this matter: MIDI bank-select/program-changes are now being stripped from underlying SMF files, but the MIDI track bank/program settings are still honored: so that, for instance, explicitly removing a "Pgm Change" item from the clip will only really occur if the parent MIDI track program is set to "(None)".