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(yeah the video may play in normal wide-band circumstances which is not quite what i have atm. sorry about that)

anyway, please take note that zooming in qtractor have these two ways to be actuated:

1. the View menu/shortcut commands: zoom reference point is (always) the center of the main view be that of main tracks or piano-roll (not at all dependent on the thumb-view whatsoever);
2. the Ctrl+mouse-wheel: zooming reference point is (of course) the current mouse cursor pointer;

you may argue that reference point for 1. could be the center of current selection, the center of edit-head/tail cursors or even the current play-head position... however the way it is now--the center of the current viewport--was in fact settled by users demand (and i can count way more than one decade ago ;))


ps. of course, zoom reset is about yes, resetting to default initial 100% zoom level; as if you never changed zoom level at all while running qtractor.