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ok. now we're in same page :) no need for the song file... at least for now.

just try again and again as much you possibly can and try to find some pattern or something... try to start record/play on several locations within the loop, count the loop cycles, anything else that sounds reasonable to find the culprit...

does it move on all "overdubbed" notes? does it move only after a certain time or cycle? does it happen all the time and place?

i've tested again and again and can't get to reproduce anything strange here: all "overdubbed" notes must stay put in the precise location the play-head is, no matter how and where recording started or on which loop turnaround it is rolling at the moment--of course that's the correct behavior. moving notes around is a bug and a nasty one i'm afraid.

still waiting for s'more feedback.

thanks again.