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OK, so I opened a new song and tested different variants on Clip > Record and looping and recording and all works fine.

Returned to my original file and noticed that the midi clip was offset (by 4/time units, ie 2 bars). I don't know how it got offset (and does it mean how much the MIDI data in the clip is moved relative to the start of the clip?), I didn't touch it! :) And if you look at the originl image (can't attach a new one in this comment), MIDI data starts at 0 in the drum track. But maybe this is in the clip, not the MIDI data/file?

So i opened the clip in the piano roll, set offset to 0, moved the MIDI data back into the right place (as it shifted when I changed offset). And now CLip > Record works just fine!



BTW Moving from Reason on Windows (my last reasons to use Windows) to QTractor on Debian, and it is a lot of fun, but I have to find a new workflow, and shift my own paradigms about how I work. This "connection" between MIDI clips and MIDI files is new to me. DS