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spot on! you found the culprit!

ouch! overdub recording on clips that have an offset is the issue! as far as i can see, the notes get moved back or displaced in the same amount as the offset length.

fyi. clip offsets are of course fundamental and generic in qtractor timeline non-destructive editing model and they may kick in on several occasions: the most obvious one maybe when you cut or resize the beginning or the left edge of a clip.

unfortunately there's no current option setting to fix this bugger at the moment but in the source; it is probably one example of an overlooked day-zero bug i'm sure :)

so, to workaround, make sure you only overdub on uncut, pristine (offset=0) clips for the time being.

many thanks again,
for all the patience and for all the time that has been lost on this bummer; changing workflows is quite often far from easy, simple or painless, i'm sure of that ;).

[UPDATE:] good news: maybe fixed on git head master (qtractor >=