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Hi Rui, thanks a lot for your feedback!

1) Sorry about that, the backup function should handle errors (e.g. trying to write to a read-only directory) by showing a message, and work otherwise; how can I reproduce your crash? Is there a message in console after it happens?

2) That's exactly what it does as is, it just maps values between existing plugins. Of course, being able to add plugins to tracks would be an even greater time saver, and that had been already considered in my mind-TODO :)
The only reliant ways to do it I though of so far would be:
- turn Qaps from a simple XML mangler to a plugin host; then it would be able to instantiate any plugin and properly fill an empty plugin template
- rely on external tools to get the needed information (e.g. lv2info)
Suggestions very welcome on other possible ways!

I'll probably experiment with the latter but, before introducing more complexity and external requirements, I wanted to see if this project could help anyone else besides me :)

2b) Removal is surely the easiest thing to implement, but it's just as quick to do it in the DAWs; the main idea was to make it easy to migrate settings especially on whole tracks (vocal treatment, mastering chain...) and this would benefit a lot more from the ability to add plugins than to remove them. The same applies to things like removing entire tracks, or changing the order of tracks and plugins; they can all be done, but both DAWs do it already, and do it well :)