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first of all, I would like to thank you for spending the time creating and maintaning ( I've seen the frequency of the updates) this great application.

I have just changed to QT a few months ago, after having tried all the other midi sequencers available for Linux for quite some time now. They all have pros and cons, but there has been some changes in my workflow and have found QT to be the most appropiate for it.

I make music using a syntheziser and record the midi data to QT with it. I don't draw the notes on the clip (although that would be handy in case the keyboard was not available), but I do open the clip window often to check what I've done, and occasionally, correct mistakes or adjust some notes when not using quantization.

I version 9.10, there was a nice improvement (remembering clip window position) I've been wishing since day one. But although the window state is now saved, I still find myself re-adjusting things like, zoom level, rezising the piano pane, hiding the velocity panel (it shows up everytime the window is re-opened). I have to do this every time the session is opened.

In other words, everything seems to be remembered during the session (except the velocity panel state). But when the session is re-opened, only the clip window state is remembered. Everything else inside that window is reset. I also noticed that the clip window is relocated a few centimeters above the bottom of the screen (where I had placed it). That appears to be exactly on top of where my system task bar would be (I have it hidden to save space).

I wonder if this is the current behavior or if its happening to me only. The correction of this would make the process more enjoyable.

Another thing that I would like to request is the posibility to make all those clip windows settings to apply to all the clips belonging to the same track. Every time a new clip is created, the settings have to be redone and I often find myself replacing a clip with a new recording, or recording different takes.

Making the "escape" key able to close the clip window would be very handy. And lastly, when I changed the shortcut for the "zoom in" function, it only applied for the main window and not for the clip window.

This is it for now. I'll be giving more feedback as I go deeper into the functionality, if you don't mind.

QT has potential and I'm very greatful it exists.

Thanks again!