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hi, thanks for stopping by, you're of course welcome!

...I still find myself re-adjusting things like, zoom level, rezising the piano pane, hiding the velocity panel (it shows up everytime the window is re-opened). I have to do this every time the session is opened...

yes, you're right: only the window position and size are saved on a per clip basis; all other are set application global; however, the left piano keyboard and the bottom velocity panes are both fixed--you can change its size and visibility but they will be always reset to original hard-coded defaults whenever you open the clip editor anytime later... all of these may see the light, say eh... soonish? :)

...the clip window is relocated a few centimeters above the bottom of the screen (where I had placed it)...

this one has more to blame on your desktop environment than to qtractor itself, for which it doesn't know a thing about it to help you in that matter, sorry :)

...make all those clip windows settings to apply to all the clips belonging to the same track...

that would unnecessarily complicate things a bit: let's just keep it all on two levels:
1) application global as is now saved as user preferences;
2) and individual clip level, saved to session file and defaults to the latest current in 1);
besides window position and size, which are already taken care of, the clip editor settings/preferences that we're talking are:
- zoom levels;
- piano keyboard left-pane width;
- velocity/event values bottom-pane height;

[UPDATE] all of the above sneaked in qtractor >= :)

...making the "escape" key able to close the clip window would be very handy...

nope. the "Esc" key has an already very specific task on the UI since day one: cancel any floating selection and/or pending editing operation; and that will remain like so, sorry.

...when I changed the shortcut for the "zoom in" function, it only applied for the main window and not for the clip window...

that's because the Main tracks and the MIDI clip editor windows have their own and distinct shortcut set; you may check on their respective Help > Shortcuts... menus; so, if you wish to use the same keyboard shortcut for both you'll just have to set it on both places.

cheers && thanks

ps. please always try to refer to QTractor by it's full name; while QT is for the software toolkit/framework upon which it's built ;)