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"[UPDATE] all of the above sneaked in qtractor >= :)"

Thank you! Looking forward to this!

"that's because the Main tracks and the MIDI clip editor windows have their own and distinct shortcut set"

I had not realized that. So I can now assign a shortcut to close the window :-)

"this one has more to blame on your desktop environment than to qtractor itself, for which it doesn't know a thing about it to help you in that matter, sorry :) "

If I maximized the clip's window and closed the session, next time I start the session, the window shows up maximized (as expected). But if I set the window to cover only half the screen (from the bottom, covering the main window's status bar, to the middle), next time the session is started, the window is still the same size, but the bottom is placed right on top of the main window's status bar, not all the way down. Is this still to do with my desktop environment? if so, any hints of what could be causing this?

Anyway, I appreciate considering my requests and I'm looking forward to try the next update!