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By the way, other key features that led me to qtractor were the multiple tempo/time signatures, and automatic time-streching.
I can't emphasize how useful thease are to me. When I'm making the mockup during the composition, I tend to use multiple tempos/signatures at different secctions and I also tend to change them often (I have noticed that my perception of tempo is affected by mood or time of day) until I settle on an average of all the changes I've made.

Having qtractor adjust automatically, no only the midi tracks, but the audio tracks, its a super time saver!

I can't tell you the nightmare it was doing this in the previous linux daw I was using. Every time a change in tempo was made, I had to manually adjust all the audio clips by trial an error!

I still have some sessions unfinished because there are some tempo changes I made last time and don't even want to see the mess.

This leads me to another question. How reliable the audio time-streching in qtractor is before the sound starts to deteriorate?

Just in case I'm only using it during the mockups. I don't do the final audio recording until I had settled on a tempo.

I just wanted to mention that. Thanks again!