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hi, thanks for the kind feedback, really appreciated.

- How reliable the audio time-streching in qtractor is before the sound starts to deteriorate?

well, a proverbial it depends applies.

- results might vary, depending on which time-stretching algorithm is in use; fyi. you can opt between the two available: a. native WSOLA time-stretching or b. (lib)RubberBand time-stretching, which is in effect when WSOLA is off.
- in general, it depends on the source audio material or content, whether it's mostly percussive, melodic, monophonic, polyphonic, etc. one algorithm might sound best for one and horribly for another: your ears are always the judge ;)
- time-stretch ratios below 50% (-50%) and above 150% (+50%) are not advisable, unless what you really want is a "metallic", "robotic" or "sci-fi" audio effect instead ;) again, depending to the original material and chosen algorithm, those advisable limits might vary both ways, more or less.

that is as always, YMMV ;)

cheers && thanks again