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Thank you so much Rui, I really appreciate your help. I will try all these tips, along with another someone directed me to : alsa_in -d hw:0 which gives Capture open error: Device or resource busy until now, even I just removed pulseaudio-module-jack on my own... and pa sink/source kept on connecting on jackd start... and jackd won't start anymore now :-D
And yes I read the warning comment on top of Advanced, but I had to tweak that at the time I thought I'd be lucky enough to have my Pandora (44k1) act as a 48k device for Jamulus over Jack. I gave up and bought the UCA202... and forgot the settings changes :-( so maybe I'll also need to purge Jack/QJackCtl and delete all left behind config (~/.jackrc , xml conf,* files then reinstall now I understand a little bit more). Surely it is also time to drop the distro-supplied releases to jump to the latest (1.9.10>14 & 0.4.2>0.6.2).

Thanks for all again

I wander why there isn't more questions topics here, am I in the good place?