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finally I found works now.(at least on the Raspi) ..thanks for the fish! Bye...

No...not a Douglas Adams here...
The problem was: My PC has only one Jack choose this one and fine.
The Raspi has HDMI, Analog (that is: The headphone from which you dont want to know from what
kind of combination of Multicontroller hackery and analog interface the sound is created...), and in
case I add the DAC...the DAC.
Therefore jackd cannot decide, what interface to choose...and leave that entry in the setup empty.
What I don't understand, is, why neither qjackctl nor jackd prints anything like "Warning! Misconfiguration
1mile down the road ahead! No interface specified!" and instead simply play nothing.

I set that configuration item to "Headphones" and it works.

My PC may offer another challenge, though.
Will see tomorrow.