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Hi, I am enthousiatic about this product an would like to install the latest version (Ubuntu Studio comes pre installed with the last release form 2019).
The latest version however gives compile errors:

qtractorOptionsForm.cpp: In constructor ‘qtractorOptionsForm::qtractorOptionsForm(QWidget*)’:
qtractorOptionsForm.cpp:201:7: error: ‘class Ui::qtractorOptionsForm’ has no member named ‘Lv2DynManifestCheckBox’
201 | m_ui.Lv2DynManifestCheckBox->hide();
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
make[2]: *** [Makefile:4249: .obj/qtractorOptionsForm.o] Fout 1
make[2]: Map '/home/vanrooij-1/Downloads/qtractor-0.9.16/src' wordt verlaten
make[1]: *** [qtractor.mak:48: sub-src-make_first] Fout 2
make[1]: Map '/home/vanrooij-1/Downloads/qtractor-0.9.16' wordt verlaten
make: *** [Makefile:329: src/qtractor] Fout 2
Can you help/advise?

Regards, Frank