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Yes, I know it's Open Source. I'm a programmer as a hobbyist, though I learned programming in Pascal. C is too complicated for me, so there's no way to make my own modified version. However, tested the new version which shows up as 0.9.19. I'm using JWM window manager and by now the editor windows aren't staying on top any longer - no matter if option is activated or deactivated.

I didn't know that this feature was once dropped as for the issues on keyboard shortcuts. I don't mind if you drop this feature again, as I found out right now I can keep editor windows on top by a JWM window menu. Though, I need to activate this each time when opening an editor window. I can live with that.

Thanks for the hard work trying to add this feature. If you want me to test anything else, let me know, send me PM at LM. :)