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Hi Carl,

Thank you for this tutorial. I just watched it because I'm thinking about switching from Ardour to Qtractor.

I find myself too often searching the Internet and sometimes having difficulties to find the answer I need to accomplish things in Ardour. So I installed Qtractor yesterday and I found the GUI cleaner and maybe a bit more intuitive to me. But I'm not an advanced DAW user so I don't know how different they are. Your video achieved to make me want to take a bigger shot at Qtractor but I'd like to know if I will face limitations regarding audio compared to Ardour. I use mostly audio and I'm planning to use a bit of MIDI (mainly for drums). Do you think, if I become a more advanced DAW user later, that I will miss some Ardour functions in audio or are there so few differences that I can do pretty much the same with Qtractor ?

Thanks in advance. After watching your video, I feel I really want to love Qtractor ( and it's so reactive on my old laptop).

As this is my first post, I take advantage of the opportunity to say hello from France to Rui and thank him for his work on this beautiful software and the time he dedicates to the Linux community.