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One more comment if I may.. The tutorial video starts off explaning how Ubuntu Studio works so very well with music making. Have to say that to me, this is by far the most important step in music making, especially for a noob like myself. I dont use Ubuntu Studio for my 'day to day' distro, only for music making. I have 2 hard drives and have Ubuntu Studio on one of them (dual boot) which means when I go to play with Qtractor, I have a distro that is setup for music only with a low latency kernal. Along with the kxstudio repositories, I have an enormous amount of goodies to play with and being a guitar player, there are loads of plugins available to me. Been a long time now since I wanted anything extra and I doubt I will get to play with all the toys I have for a long time..
Added bonus is that I now know how to setup Ubuntu Studio blindfolded, and it runs very fast.. love it..