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let me tellya a story about this:

carla is and has been a do-it-all-as-a-plugin and/or anything-must-be-a-plugin (or seen like such)--that's its thing.
qtractor does not, and won't follow that model, may I say... ever.

you seem to run carla as a standalone, which is not it's designated use case for crying out loud :) when in that sort of function, does it handle ALSA-MIDI connections smoothly or does it resort to some bridge that, yes, may be the culprit for the so called "race-condition" you point out?
I think it is not fair to call the said "bug" on qtractor, and that's the problem here, I believe.
It's kind of a, yes, a conundrum :)

I'd suggest, in your situation, to do the following: do not rely on the MIDI track strips volume/panning sliders whatsoever. keep them on default position all the time; you may take automation but well, given that carla is becoming such a totalitarian and bloated beast, you, are, on, your, own ;)

eh eh, sorry for the sarcasm