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The Filthy Fifth

Hi, I just decided to do this new preview release of Qtractor, an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer for GNU/Linux, based on the Qt4 GUI framework and engineered on top of JACK Audio Connection Kit for Audio and ALSA Sequencer for MIDI.

Qtractor has been tagged and code named as the "Filthy Fifth" preview release.

The change-log since the "Heads-up to Fourth" might read:

- Newer JACK 0.105.0 seems to bitch, probably correctly, about the return value of the process callback. Make it to bitch no more by ensuring the JACK client is always issuing the innocuous 0 (zero) return value.

- Important fixes have been issued, affecting MIDI recording: MIDI sequence zero-time event insertion; MIDI file pending note-off processing on write-track method.