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hi, thanks for the short example session file.

tried to export (Track > Export Tracks > Audio...) in many occasions and settings (sample-rates 44k1 and 48k; buffer-sizes, 128..1024) and the results were all as expected: i hear no pause or delay on the beginning of each bar whatsoever, or so i believe :)

even playing both tracks in unison, the MIDI track ("Drum") and the audio exported one ("export-1"), i don't find or hear a significant difference, but a slight phasing effect due to superimposing stereo reverbs... besides, it all sounds with no pauses or gaps when played simultaneously (nor soloed).

for visual evidence, i've added here the simple screenshot:

any insights on where the problem is hiding perhaps? it could be my musical/rhythmic skills (or lack thereof) that are at stake here :)