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I did some more testing and I discovered something.
The mix-down pause issue goes away when I lower the Latency (specifically Frames/period) in QjackCtl.

For example, my Latency was set to 46.4 msec when the pause problem was happening (screenshot png attached).
The Frames/Period was set to 2048.

I changed the Frames/period to 512, which brought the latency down to 11.6 msec.
After mixing down using that setting, the pause issue went away.

So it all had to do with the latency (11.6 msec was good, 46.4 msec was causing the pauses)

The reason I had it set to 46.4 msec (2048) was so that the playback in Qtractor would not show XRUN. I experienced no XRUNs at 2048, but lowering it to 11.6 msec (512) causes XRUNs during Qtractor playback. So it seems that when I'm ready to mix-down, I must lower it to 11.6 msec (512).

Thank you!

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