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oh-kay.. you might have a point here... after dwelling with 2K+ buffer-sizes the early note delay is then noticeable and it gets weirder, the delay seems to go away towards the end of each bar...

sure this deserves a deeper investigation ntl. until it gets squared out, when and if it gets there, please keep those buffer-sizes shorter as possible: 128 frames is, has been, an all-round and pretty much ideal figure. trust me ;)

thank you a lot for your kind perseverance

ps. having xruns @512 is not really acceptable; please do tune-up your linux system : for over a decade now that is plain possible to sustain a 128frame/buffer with absolute-zero xruns. you'll just have to tweak your system here and there once, trust me again :)

pps. check this out:, and follow the hints from there... ;)