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(whispering) I didn't know it was forbidden to mention the other audio DAW's name in here...

Seriously, I have a***** installed, but I've only used it a couple of times. When I first got into linux,k Autostatic recommended me Qtractor, so I tried it and I became so comfortable with it that now it's hard to work with anything else, which can be seen as a negative thing, but I'm more than happy with it. And this being TYOQA, and things moving so fast for Qtractor makes me to not even consider moving anywhere else to record my music. Of course that there's some things to improve or to add but this is a work in progress, and very fast progressing.

I also think that it's great that linux has a healthy variety of capable audio software, that rather than competing against each other they feed off of the work of developers and users to create what's best for everyone. W****** and M** have tons of awesome and expensive DAWs and that variety almost guaranties that everyone can find what he's looking for (if he can afford it). So I don't see why there should be animosity between open source options.

The fact that A***** exist give linux audio a solid state for those pro/ semi-pro who consider migrating. Qtractor is building a solid reputation also, and the fact that they're both different is great, because variety is rich in itself.

Stop the rambling, introspective day for me...

PS: if the asteriscs make the message inintelligible, be creative ;)

Cheers to Qtractor, Rui and the people in this forum!