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1. I have lots of songs that won't fit into the main window, so some parts are constant invisible for my eyes.
The thumbnail shows the whole song, so if the play cursor moves through the thumbnail one can see the current position of exporting even if not sitting in front of the screen. The percentage info of current export of the song is too hard to see for my weak eyes as soon as I'm one step away from the screen. Also the percentage graphical bar switches to a very small bar immediately. The red play cursor makes it easier, as I don't want to sit for minutes in front of the screen while exporting, but sequentially observing the ongoing export.

My songs are created by templates which have mostly around 60 tracks ready to be used. Exporting a song usually takes around 60% to 70% of the play time. All songs I composed since October 2021 have a length greater than 30 minutes. Lots of them around 45 minutes.

2. Sometimes I have the need to add some velocity to different midi parts in different tracks. Selecting all those parts in main window and then just to add e.g. 4 points of velocity would be very cool AND useful addition. I haven't used Cubase for a long time but I recall add/sub velocity was standard already in Cubase on AtariST.

3. I have different keyboard shortcuts for lots of functions you mentioned. The thingy is if selecting all midi events to just to shorten the length of the majority of long events will shorten short events to a length of zero. So, if I would be able to just select those events, with a length of e.g. 3 beats to make them e.g. just 2 beats and two ticks inside that beat (raster of beat/4) this would save a lot of time deselecting unwanted events after selecting all.

I'm not a native English speaker, so I hope you get the point.

I'm also a drummer and still I'm drumming regularly. My drum tracks are split into different tracks
One track for each of listed lines:

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