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Yes, you are missing something.
I know already everything mentioned by both of you above.
The part is to exclude midi events with short duration to select and then expand only e.g. midi events with a duration of e.g. 3 beats. So, all events shorter than 3 beats are excluded from resizing/expanding its length/duration.

The part in real life is: I often use copies of midi parts, e.g. melodies of the Oboe to have this melody also played/sung by Chorus. After copying the midi part to the Chorus track, I split the part and immediately re-combine it to have a real Chorus part to be edited without to change anything on the Oboe part.

On my Chorus tracks I have mostly a longer reverb, so there's a need to shorten the longer events to have a break between the events. This to make sure the Chorus reverb is not too long or too loud available when the next Chorus event is playing. I like the Oboe often playing in legato but the long reverb on the Chorus track needs to have it more staccato than legato.

Damn, I'm not a good English writer/speaker.
Hope you get the point, though...