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Dear Rui,

after some weeks of using Rosegarden, I started looking for an alternative Audio/MIDI recorder and found qtractor. The two things which makes it fit more than Rosegarden are:
- Import of instrument files (I own a Kurzweil K2000 for 10 years and never manged, to enter all programs/instruments - whatever I was using. Now, with qtractor - I found an instrumen definition file! Great!!!)
- Combined MIDI and Audio Mixer.
What I am missing is: Simple AUX Busses - especially to use one 'Master Reverb' for all Audio Channels with different gains...

Bau what currently makes moving to qtractor is a really weird thing: If I have MIDI channels in my song, it is nearly impossible to do anything without XRuns on Audio...

e.g. A simple song fragment, 16 bars, two audio tracks (bass and guitar), three MIDI tracks (two drum tracks for the same device and program) one piano (different device).

Starting the song mostly works. But when I loop the 16 bars, XRuns appear when the loop start is reached for the first time.
They appear when at least 1 MIDI track is enablen - even if no audio track is enabled...
When I mute all MIDI tracks, everything works fine.

(BTW, the CPU usage in general is twice as high as with Rosegarden....)

I have compiled the trunk version and I'm willing to help if I can!

Thank you