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QjackCtl 0.2.23 released!

Not much to say, but an apologise: QjackCtl 0.2.23 has been released and is the one first ever introducing explicit JACK MIDI support (JACK >= 0.107.0 is required). The version minor number did not bump as promised. Fact is I'm making that reservation for the coming and ever nearer Qt4 migration. So near that it will crash land around now sooner than after ;)

The change-log says all the lesser bits too:

- JACK MIDI support is now being introduced. Connections window now has a brand new MIDI tab, the older being renamed to ALSA, as for the ALSA/MIDI sequencer conveniency. The server settings now include the MIDI driver setup option (ALSA backend only).
- Application icon is now installed to ${prefix}/share/pixmaps; application desktop entry file is now included in installation; spec file (RPM) is now a bit more openSUSE compliant; initial debianization.
- Invalidation of the JACK client handle is now forced right on jack_shutdown notification, preventing a most probable fatal crash due to jack_deactivate and/or jack_client_close being called after the jack_watchdog kicks in.
- Default font option names were adjusted to "Sans Serif" and "Monospace", wherever available.
- The "keep child windows always on top" option is not set as default anymore, because window focus behavior gets tricky on some desktop environments (eg. Mac OS X, Gnome).
- Autoconf (configure) scripting gets an update.

Of course, official source tarball is made available from the project site:

Enjoy, as always :)
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela