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QjackCtl 0.3.1 is out!

Just one week after a no-regrets migration, here comes this second iteration over the Qt4 framework for the JACK Audio Connection Kit "cutie" GUI front-end that everybody loves or at least ought to :)

QjackCtl 0.3.1 (unstable-qt4) is out! [UPDATE: On the next day, QjackCtl 0.3.1a crash-fix was released!]

The main feature on this release, besides for the bug-fixes, is that it's the very first time ever QjackCtl is made available to build and run on all major desktop platforms: X11/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Yes you read it right, Windows, and it is thought to behave consistently on all those. One just have to take advantage from the Qt4 open-source edition and license which in fact is the same as QjackCtl's: GPL2.

Yes, there's no turning back. QjackCtl is definitely a Qt4 application, this release marking the departure from the old, aged Qt3 code base, despite this one being tagged as "stable-qt3" anyway. The current branch has "unstable-qt4" on its middle name still, but not for long ;)

Being a so-called shallowed bug-fix release, the change-log says some thingies that were shoved out, and nothing about the ones that still are creepin':

- An immediate showstopper crash upon client start was irradicated, which was affecting those with the system-tray icon disabled, as is the default (thanks to Ken Ellinwood for first reporting this sloppy one).

- The current DSP load percentage activity is now also displayed on the system-tray icon tooltip.

- An illusive but nasty Connections/Patchbay item tooltip crash bug has been hopefully fixed (Qt >= 4.3).

- Now using QSystemTrayIcon class facility if available (Qt4 >= 4.2) making the system-tray option available on most platforms, notably on Windows and Mac OS X (EXPERIMENTAL).

- Usage of QProcess class has been severely refactored, now using QProcess::start() instead of QProcess::startDetached(), giving much tighter control over the started jackd(mp) process. Downside is that QjackCtl lost its ability and option to leave the process detached upon quitting the application. Too bad.

- A new eye-candy bit has sneaked in: server mode display, that is the RT indicator, now blinks when server/client is started/active.

- Combo-box setup history has been corrected on restore, which was discarding the very initial default (factory) contents.

- Now that Qt4 is accessible to open-source Windows appplications, there's some experimental stuff sneaking in for jackdmp support on win32.

- Connections list items were initially sorted in descending order by default. Fixed. Client items are now naturally sorted, again.

As usual, the source tarball might be found here:

Cheers && Enjoy,