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The Eight Wanderer

Summer is upon us. Just before heading south on vacation, I would like to leave this place at some decent state, so don't expect major features since last time iteration.

Qtractor (Eight Wanderer) has been pre-released!

As said, nothing much here, as I've been busier with my other linux-audiuo "cutie"-suite of applications which were subjects to a mass Qt4 migration.

Nevertheless, the change-log might be of appreciation for the curious:

- Main toolbar tempo spin-box gets loose from keyboard change tracking (Qt >= 4.3); custom spin-box compilation fix for Qt 4.1.
- Illusive but nasty Connections/Patchbay item tooltip crash bug has been hopefully fixed (Qt >= 4.3); QComboBox::editTextChanged() signal replaces old QComboBox::textChanged().
- Combo-box setup history has been corrected on restore, which was discarding the very initial default (factory) contents.
- Make debian package build depend on libqt4-dev; win32 console flag is back to qmake project file.
- MIDI instrument selection (e.g. on track form) gets fixed and improved.
- Sorting method for the connections port list has been refactored; potential crash bug fix on connections sorting method.
- Messages class accessor methods constness fix.
- Got rid of some autoconf redundand thingies on configure; late debian changelog update.
- Desktop categories update: AudioVideo.
- README correction.

The preview source tarball and openSUSE 10.2 RPMs can be pulled from here:

as usual,

Cheers && Enjoy,