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Hello Rui

This is going to be a hard nut to crack..!

Started from scratch to verify this behaviour...

1 - Created a new project named "Etüde_A_Moll_Variations"

2 - Saved project - on saving the file name was set by qtractor to "Etde_A_Moll_Variations.qtr"

3 - Recorded one midi track and one audio track

4 - Saved project - shame I can't add a screen print (or part thereof) here - ogg and mid files are named:

5 - Restarted Qtractor and reopened project

6 - Audio track was intact, no midi track.

7 - Deleted audio track and re-recorded one midi and one audio track

8 - Saved project - ogg and mid files are named:

Strange behaviour...

Best regards, Simon