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Hi Rui

Ahhh! This is a tricky one... The direct answer to your question is:

[simon@spaceloopxl ~]$ echo $LANG

[simon@spaceloopxl ~]$ echo $LC_ALL

[simon@spaceloopxl ~]$ su
[root@spaceloopxl simon]# echo $LANG

[root@spaceloopxl simon]# echo $LC_ALL

[root@spaceloopxl simon]# exit

Nothing! This is not surprising - from an investigation into another problem which has nothing to do with Qtrator I have discovered that fedora, arch linux and a number of other distributions, when installed with the KDE4 desktop, do not set any system wide settings including the qt and gtk configuration. A configuration for these items is only saved in KDE's local config subfolder. I've contacted fedora's developers on this and received the following reply, quote:

"Please file a feature request directly with the upstream Qt project if you think this would be a worthwhile feature."

So I guess as a short term workaround I need to set the system language somehow - time to google...

With best regards, Simon