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The Twelfth Tight

Another weekend, another alpha-decay burst coming out from this lone star. Or else. Alpha, because Qtractor is still on such a phase of development. Decay, well, it should apply to bug counting, sure, that's it. However, as all things in software life-cycle, major bugs only get noticed right after the release party. So there it goes, bug hunting season is now open again:

Qtractor (twelfth tight) has been pre-released!

Downloads are ready from the official site:

As usual, the complete change-log since last pre-release is due here:

  • Bus context menu is now accessible from respective mixer strip.
  • Fixed a subtle crash-suicide issue when invoking the bus dialog
    with a double-click over the corresponding mixer bus strip; also
    fixed the sloppy ganguing mistake when changing mixer bus gain
    (volume) and panning values.
  • MIDI Omni mode (sort of) makes its entrance as a new MIDI track
    property, meaning that is now finally possible for the capture of
    any unfiltered MIDI channel event, without regard to the current
    channel assignment, which still applies for playback purposes.
  • Audio (pass-)through has been also implemented, now being a common
    and consistent property of both audio and MIDI buses, provided
    those are set in duplex mode (input and output).
  • Re-touched follow-playhead and continue-past-end tool icons, again
    to be a bit softer and not so bright as to hurt someones eyes.

Cheers && Enjoy.
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela